Local Resources To The South Bend Regionial Area

We have provided resources for our local counties, so you have first hand access to organizations that promote goodness and well being within the local community.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're doing well and staying healthy. I am writing to share details about an upcoming Emergency Assistance Fair (EAF) for small businesses hosted by the City of South Bend from 10:30am-12pm this Friday, April 17. This event will share resource to help South Bend’s small businesses keep their teams employed and contribute to our community resilience and recovery. Both nonprofit and for-profit South Bend community businesses can learn about available financing at the Emergency Assistance Fair.

The EAF will be hosted virtually and the opening informational session can be accessed at https://tinyurl.com/EAF-General. Attendees can view the general information session during the first 30 minutes of the event, then enter as many small group discussions with individual service providers as they’d like. All participating organizations will be available to respond to questions during this time.

Following the informational session, small group discussions with providers will be held from 11am to 12 pm. Links to each provider’s session are:
• 1 st Source – https://tinyurl.com/EAF-1stSource
• Accion – https://tinyurl.com/EAF-Accion
• Bankable – https://tinyurl.com/EAF-Bankable
• Centier – https://tinyurl.com/EAF-Centier
• NDFCU – https://tinyurl.com/EAF-NDFCU
• Woodforest – https://tinyurl.com/EAF-Woodforest
All are welcome to attend, you do not have to have a prior relationship with any financial institution. Please don't hesitate to share this event with your networks!


Sonja Karnovsky
Interim Executive Director, CDFI Friendly South Bend
CDFIfriendlySB@gmail.com l (574) 318-7242


This year has certainly been an interesting one so far; a world of dichotomies. In a matter of a few months, we went from having the lowest recorded unemployment rate to having over 22 million people filing for unemployment. We are all experiencing the devastating effect of the COVID outbreak. Like many, we want to continue helping our community, and we’d like to help you. One way is by offering our services to you.

Through May 2020, we want to offer one of the following services to any at-risk business who may be in need of these services:


  • Consultation (one hour) for post COVID-marketing strategy;
  • Or, one half hour of consultation along with preliminary website SEO analysis


Our hope is that this offer helps relieve some of the stress and burdens at-risk businesses are facing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. These offers are free; no gimmicks, no strings, no promise for business down the road. Just our efforts to help build our communities by helping you build up yours. Our community is strong, and together we can get through this challenge and on our way to a robust economy. We are here for you.


For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please go to www.discoverforce5.com/contact-us.


Real Services

The mission of REAL Services is to assist in establishing a community in which those they serve can maintain their independence to the maximum degree possible and find meaning and satisfaction throughout their lives.

South Bend Medical Foundation

South Bend Medical Foundation provides comprehensive anatomic pathology services.  Founded in 1912 by a group of physicians to serve physicians, SBMF remains the local, trusted resource for hospitals, clinics, surgery centers and providers.

Center For The Homeless

The Center has served more than 55,000 men, women, children and Veterans by linking them with the programs, agencies, and people Who can help them break the cycle of homelessness.

St. Margaret's House improves the lives of women and children by providing individual attention to their immediate needs, breaking the bonds of isolation and helping them acquire skills to better their lives. Through a philosophy of shared ownership in St. Margaret's House, guests become empowered by participating in planning and decision making.

Thinking about what you, your family, or friends want to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner given the circumstances of the "Stay At Home" order? Fear not, as our local media station in WNDU has complied a list of local businesses that are still keeping their doors open to serve you!

WNIT Public Television – PBS Michiana is offering educational resources for parents and families to help during the coronavirus outbreak, while children are home. Through PBS KIDS programming, live streaming and online resources, WNIT provides high-quality, curriculum-based learning materials that are age appropriate and focus on various educational topics. Please see the attached materials, which detail programs that specifically target STEM subjects, literacy, social and emotional development and other key development areas. The materials also note on which channel the 24/7 PBS KIDS Channel on WNIT is carried locally.

WNIT is now offering a daily email highlighting that day’s programming for both children and families. PBS program partners, such as Sesame Street, are also providing important tools on talking to children about COVID-19. Families can sign up to receive this daily email, by going to wnit.org and clicking on the link in the story entitled “Are You On the List?”

Additional resources are available at the following links:
• Live Streaming of 24/7 PBS KIDS Channel with activities to reinforce skills being learned: https://www.wnit.org/kids/channel.html
• Is your child’s school closed due to coronavirus concerns? PBS KIDS’ new weekday newsletter offers activities and tips you can use to help kids play and learn at home: https://www.pbs.org/parents/

WNIT wishes all our viewers, our community and everyone affected by this devastating pandemic good health. We are doing our part to share these important resources for children, parents and families during this time.