NORTH LIBERTY, Ind. (WNDU) – Schools around Michiana continue to make adjustments on the fly as the classrooms are closed during the pandemic.

This week John Glenn schools are on spring break and 16 News Now went to see first-hand how church volunteers are answering the call to serve and help keep students fed.

We have our faith in God that we cling to knowing that this is not a surprise to Him. He saw this coming and it’s all going to be ok,” Fay Flournoy says. She is a volunteer with Women’s Ministries at North Liberty Church of Christ

After washing their hands, keeping the hand sanitizer close by, and throwing on the latex gloves, volunteers were ready to pack some meals for John Glenn students and families on Wednesday.

“We’re called to serve, and when someone asks us if we can help others that’s what we’re called to do. So we want to make sure that we jump at the opportunity especially when its our school system who has a touch on the community that we might not have. So we’re very thankful that they gave us the opportunity to help out in this way,” Chris Fleck says. He’s the Worship Pastor at North Liberty Church of Christ.

As it is spring break week at John Glenn schools it is also a time for a break for food service workers who have been working hard for weeks.

“They did not have food to be delivered this week, to be served, and the kitchen staff has been stretched so thin the past few weeks continuing to make meals for everybody,” Fleck says.

The superintendent reaching out to churches for help. Other congregations in Walkerton and around North Liberty also lending a hand, making hundreds and hundreds of bagged lunches.

“There’s so much uncertainty we’re stepping forward into, and there are needs within our own community that we’re able to fulfill. So it is just important, I think, for us to fill those needs in whatever way we can and maybe by providing meals we’re going to be alleviating financial burden that allows people to pay their bills,” Fay says.

Those meals dropped off at all the John Glenn schools for pick-up and some bused out around the district to try and reach as many students and families as possible. The schools will be back to their regular pandemic protocol after spring break.

“We need each other, we need community and we need to work together in order to make life better for everybody, especially when we’re all in self-isolation any opportunity that we can take to serve one another or come together to help one another out, is just inspiring and encouraging.”